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  1. G. Iovane, A.V. Nasedkin
    Finite element modelling of ceramomatrix piezocomposites by using effective moduli method with different variants of boundary conditions
    pages 1-13
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1120 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_1
  2. V.G. Dubrovskii
    Geometry of GaAs nanowire seeds in SiOx/Si (111) templates
    pages 14-19
    abstract    paper: pdf  (832 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_2
  3. M.V. Silnikov, I.V. Guk, A.I. Mikhaylin, A.F. Nechunaev, B.V. Rumyantsev
    Numerical simulation of hypervelocity impacts of variously shaped projectiles with thin bumpers
    pages 20-29
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1536 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_3
  4. S.A. Kukushkin, A.V. Osipov, I.A. Kasatkin, V.Y.Mikhailovskii, A.I. Romanychev
    Formation of ordered ZnO structures grown by the ALD method on hybrid SiC/Si (100) substrates
    pages 30-39
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1696 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_4
  5. E.V. Kirillova, W. Seemann, M.S. Shevtsova
    The influence of an adhesive layer on the interaction between a piezo-actuator and an elastic 3D-layer and on the excited wave fields
    pages 40-53
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1072 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_5
  6. A.O. Vatulyan, S.A. Nesterov
    On some features of identification of inhomogeneous prestressed state of thermoelastic hollow cylinder with coating
    pages 54-64
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1008 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_6
  7. A.N. Soloviev, V.A. Chebanenko, I.A. Parinov, P.A. Oganesyan
    Applied theory of bending vibrations of a piezoelectric bimorph with a quadratic electric potential distribution
    pages 65-73
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1216 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_7
  8. A.S. Skaliukh
    Mathematical 3D models of irreversible polarization processes of a ferroelectrics and ferroelastics polycrystal
    pages 74-102
    abstract    paper: pdf  (2784 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_8
  9. L.A. Igumnov, A.N. Petrov, I.V. Vorobtsov
    The time-step boundary-element scheme on the nodes of the Lobatto method in problems of 3-D dynamic poroelasticity
    pages 103-111
    abstract    paper: pdf  (960 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_9
  10. Aman Kumar, Rahul Guatam, Satish Chand, Anuj Kumar, R.P. Singh
    First principle electronic, magnetic and thermodynamic characterization of heavy fermion ternary rare earth metal alloys
    pages 112-130
    abstract    paper: pdf  (2368 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_10
  11. A. Hamdani, M. Komaro, Irzaman
    A synthesis of BAxSR1-xTIO3 film and characterization of ferroelectric properties and its extension as random access memory
    pages 131-140
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1200 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_11
  12. H. Hendrawan, F. Khoerunnisa, F.I. Ekawati, Y. Sonjaya
    Preparation and physico-chemical properties of gracilaria/PVA/GA/CNT-based hydrogel for slow/controlled release material
    pages 141-150
    abstract    paper: pdf  (880 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_12
  13. T. Kurniawan, M.A. Anwar, R. Oktiani, R. Ragadhita, A.B.D. Nandiyanto, M. Aziz
    Influences of solvent types on the formation of graphene in the electrochemical exfoliation method
    pages 151-157
    abstract    paper: pdf  (928 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4212019_13

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